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Cicero Discovery Sensors

Desktop Activity Intelligence

Cicero Desktop Analytics & Automation for the Back Office and Contact Center

Cicero provides desktop activity intelligence and improvement software to measure and manage how people, processes, and technology work together in the contact center and back office.  Leveraging a suite of “sensors,” Cicero Discovery’s desktop analytics software collects any desktop activity and supports Big Data initiatives by capturing the customer journey at various touch points. This allows organizations to focus on areas for improvement in business processes, compliance, training, and application usage.

Customer Case Study

First Tennessee Bank

Learn how First Tennessee Bank used Cicero software to integrate 45 applications and automate processes. Read more →

Cicero Desktop Analytics

Companies are using Cicero desktop analytics in the back office and contact center to gain operational insight and to identify areas of improvement.

Understand the Customer Experience

Use desktop analytics data to understand how your customer engagement and customer interaction processes are working. Combine desktop analytics data with other data providers such as WFM, CRM, and ACD to map the entire customer journey.

Understand the Employee Experience

Gain valuable operational insight into how your employees follow processes and use technology. Set waypoints with Cicero desktop analytics to measure processes across apps, users, and departments. Capture system and app performance.

Cicero Desktop Automation

Cicero Desktop Automation allows you to automate business processes across applications, eliminate redundant and erroneous data entry, reduce screen navigation, and provide single sign-on.

Cicero Automation - Move Data
Move Data

Move data between applications to eliminate redundant and erroneous data entry.

Cicero Automation - Search
Search & Look-ups

Automate customer look-ups, product searches, etc., displaying data within the context of what the employee is doing.

Cicero Automation - SOA Consumer
SOA Consumer

Integrate data from other sources and automatically share it across desktop applications.

Cicero Automation - Single Sign-On
Single Sign-On

Reduce the amount of time employees spend logging into applications and re-log them in throughout the day.

Cicero Desktop Analytics - Redline
Cicero Desktop Analytics - Green Line
Cicero Desktop Analytics - Gray Line
Cicero Desktop Analytics - Move Data

Cicero Customers

First Tennessee Bank
First American
El Paso Electric
Deutsche Bank
Center Partners
Bank of America
Bankers Financial
American Homepatient
American Diabetes Association