• Perform to Potential

    Improve the Employee Experience & Transform the Customer Experience across the Enterprise.

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  • Perform to Potential

    Find & Eliminate the Obstacles to Employee Performance in the Back Office.

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Cicero Desktop Analytics

Desktop Activity Intelligence and Improvement

Customer Experience

Transform the customer experience by making your existing technology investments work around your people and processes, not the other way around.

Process Improvement

Identify areas of inefficiencies, duplicate effort, missing data, rework and bottlenecks that can be addressed through training, automation, and other improvements.

Compliance & Auditing

Identify issues related to data entry, following steps, etc. to ensure business and compliance rules such as PCI, HIPAA, etc. are followed.

Operational Insight

Capture key information about high value customers, unapproved app use, performance, service level objectives, out-of-date software, and additional areas of interest.

The Cicero Difference

Process Analytics
Process Analytics

Track personal and workflow productivity across multiple users and desktops in the back office and contact center.

Cicero Partner in Success
Partners in Success

We  work directly in partnership with customers and partners to ensure success.

No Spaghetti Code
No Spaghetti Code

Our United Data Model® separates us from all the rest in desktop integration and automation.

Cicero in Action

  • International Bank Saves $2.5M

    After deploying desktop activity intelligence, an international bank discovered significant idle time and were able to reallocate staff, delivering an annual savings of $2.5M.

  • Hardware Company Saves $2M

    A Fortune 500 computer hardware company reduced Average Handle Time (AHT) by 20% for a savings of $2M per year in their contact center.

  • Bank Increases Productivity by 50%

    A global bank is using Cicero desktop activity intelligence to eliminate manual processes and provide a better customer experience, resulting in over 50% productivity increase as well as a 20% reduction in error and rework.

  • Financial Services Saves $1.2M

    A Fortune 500 financial services company reduced new hire training by 2 weeks, increased productivity by 13% and saved $1.2M per year.

  • BPO Saves $1M

    After implementing Cicero, a Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) reduced Average Handle Time (AHT) in their contact center by 40 seconds per call and achieved an overall savings of $1M with an ROI in less than 6 months.

  • Healthcare Service Provider Saves $3M

    Cicero technology was implemented at a major US Healthcare Service Provider, reducing login time by 60% and reducing call time by 25%, which resulted in savings of $3M per year.

Cicero Customers

First Tennessee Bank
First American
El Paso Electric
Deutsche Bank
Center Partners
Bank of America
Bankers Financial
American Homepatient
American Diabetes Association
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