Use cases

Cannabis Potency doesn’t have to be a
mystery, guess or assumption.

PurplPro is a pocket-sized cannabis potency application that is crazy accurate, totally affordable and easy to use.


Cultivators turn a seed into a sellable crop, and have many decisions to make each step of the way. But the end goal is to make a consistent, high quality product that commands the best profit. Big agriculture uses a lot of analytical technology to achieve the same ultimate aims, but not all of that technology has made its way to cannabis cultivation. Purpl is based on the same technology used in agriculture (and pharmaceuticals) to instantly provide chemical information that helps optimize your crop. With Purpl, that technology allows you to instantly measure potency in dry flowers, and soon in growing plants. You might want to measure buds from different parts of the same plant to optimize your lighting setup. Or know which part of the field is producing your desired potency target. We’re sure you can come up with multiple other ways a Purpl would help you optimize your production.


Distributors connect the cultivators to the retail dispensaries, with an impetus to get best pricing and a consistent product. Lab tests are available on the crop, but with a natural product like cannabis there is a lot of variation, and that batch being bought or sold might not be the same as what was tested. Purpl helps provide transparency on both sides of the transaction, and it uses technology that’s been used by big agriculture for decades to ensure crop quality and consistency. Instantly measuring potency allows distributors to verify the consistency within a batch, or how it measures up to the last batch, to maximize negotiating power and maintain a quality product.


Marijuana-infused products (MIP) merge cannabis potency with a variety of edible or drinkable goods. The most successful of these MIP producers are those with good taste and an expected potency dosage. While lab tests are necessary for the end product potency, consistent quality is still difficult to achieve if there’s any variability in the cannabis feedstock. Purpl allows MIP producers to measure the exact batch of trim or extract (coming soon), much the same as how big agriculture and food manufacturers use the technology. Dial in the precise dosage by knowing exactly what’s going into each batch, so you can be sure the final product will be on spec.


Cannabis extraction strips the cannabinoids away from the plant matter, allowing the creation of purified waxes and oils. Consistency, high quality, and affordability are paramount for a successful product. But extraction has many variables, from the incoming trim feedstock to the pressures, temperatures, and many other knobs to turn. Labs can verify the potency of the finished batch, but it’s a lot more helpful and cost-effective to be able to make instant decisions to optimize each batch and avoid any unexpected surprises. Purpl lets you verify the potency of the exact trim you’re using, to help you tailor your extraction accordingly. And Purpl will soon be adding extract potency measurement, to allow the same closed-loop controls that are used in other industries, like big agriculture, food production, and pharmaceuticals, who already benefit from this same technology.


Dispensaries are the retail link in the cannabis industry, sourcing product from distributors or cultivators for sale to their customers. The goal is repeat business and increased sales, which hinge on consistent, quality products. Lab tests provide a general idea of the crop, but in a natural product like cannabis there’s a lot of variation from bud to bud, plant to plant. Purpl allows dispensaries to instantly test potency in flowers, and soon in extracts. That means knowing exactly what is being purchased, to negotiate the best pricing with suppliers. And customers will have the ability to measure exactly what they’re buying, so they know exactly what to expect.


As a consumer, you want to know what you’re ingesting. Maybe it’s the maximum effect of a higher THC strain you’re after. Or perhaps you want to ensure there’s no THC so that CBD strain doesn’t affect you in ways you don’t want. Knowing the exact potency is key to appropriate dosing. You might see the lab-tested potency for the strain you bought, but that was from another flower, and a natural product like cannabis has a lot of variation. Purpl has transformed the technology used by big agriculture for decades into an affordable, easy-to-use device that lets you test exactly what you’ve got, so there’s no more waiting or worrying what to expect.

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