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Avoid Desktop Blind Spot: Gain Visibility Into Desktop Activities.

In this webinar, you will explore: 

  • How do you know if your agents are following business processes?
  • How do you know if your processes are efficient and effective across desktop applications?
  • What are the threats to compliance requirements such as PCI?
  • Are you missing cross/up sell opportunities?

Customer Experience Management: Making Every Interaction Count. Stories from the Trenches: Practical Ways to Improve Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Operational Insight

You will learn the:

  • Importance of having a 360 view of call center operations
  • Impact of interaction management on customer experience
  • Ways to improve process & customer experience by focusing on Customer Service Representatives (CSR)
  • Techniques to improve productivity in the CSR’s work environment
  • Best Practices for identifying CSR challenges & opportunities for development
  • Impact of customer interaction technology on customer loyalty & value

Doing More with Less: How integration at the point of contact improved agent effectiveness without breaking the bank.

Join Frost & Sullivan, as we take a look behind the curtain at ACS to show you how this company is integrating at the point of contact, maximizing service quality and responsiveness.  Additionally, we'll examine how to address this challenge in the most time and cost efficient way.  At the end of the program, you'll have the answers to these pressing questions:

  • Why it is important to focus on improving the agent's work environment and how does that relate to improving the customer experience?
  • What does it mean to "Do More with Less?"
  • How are companies such as ACS using desktop integration to streamline workflow and increase efficiency even when the applications are hosted by another company?
  • How can desktop integration allows you to use your existing technology investments to improve agent effectiveness, cut call times and improve training?

Is Reducing AHT the Holy Grail? How Improving Processes Can Yield Bigger Results.

  • Why it is important to focus on reducing the complexity of the work environment for customer service representatives
  • Why the customer service rep as the focal point is the key to process improvement
  • How to understand the CSR work environment, their challenges and areas of process improvement
  • How companies are focused on process improvement as the primary goal and the impacts on CSR effectiveness, efficiency and costs
  • How desktop integration allows you to use your existing technology investments and can be implemented in a matter of weeks and pay for itself in a few months
  • How well you remember facts through fun trivia from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Navigating the Enterprise Mobility Maze to a BYOD strategy

Is your organization allowing a “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) strategy?  Whether you've just started, or well down the implementation path, your enterprise mobility strategy should remain in a constant state of evaluation and adjustment.

Key takeaways will include:

  • Understanding the enterprise mobility landscape from BYOD to COPE
  • Learning to create your own enterprise mobility plan
  • Identifying the criteria for extending enterprise apps
  • Developing guidelines for security, performance and usability of enterprise apps

Understand how to evaluate your enterprise mobility strategy and make the necessary changes to stay ahead!To learn more and to register, please visit www.frost.com/byod.

The Enterprise Desktop from Service Obstacle to Experience Enabler.

Join Frost & Sullivan, IRT and Cicero for this on demand webcast to learn how you can leverage existing servicing technology and make it work better for your employees, business, and customers.

During this complimentary eBroadcast, learn how:

  • Revamping the agent’s work environment can improve the customer experience
  • The five biggest productivity killers can be eliminated with next generation desktop technology
  • To transform an enterprise desktop from service obstacle to customer experience enabler
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