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At the heart of delivering exceptional customer experience is how each interaction is handled by your service organization.  Those people inside your company that provide service and handle these individual interactions must not only have the tools and training but must also have the culture, environment, and attitude to deliver.  In short, what employees experience on the inside of your organization directly impacts what customers experience on the outside each time there is an interaction with your company.

Cicero allowed us to integrate more than twenty applications in our service center enabling us to streamline processes, improve and streamline our ability to capture the essence of relationships and shorten new hire training from eight to six weeks. More importantly, we have been able to empower our agents with the information and tools that they need to better focus on callers and create higher customer satisfaction.
Diane Martin, Director - Technology Services, Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

Cicero exists to improve the experience both on the inside and outside of your organization by making your existing technology investments work around your people and processes, not the other way around.

Using Cicero, you can:

  • Deliver more consistent service
  • Eliminate repetitious questions (“Could you tell me your telephone number again?”) and redundant tasks
  • Improve end user efficiency and effectiveness through process improvement and access to the right information at the right time during each customer interaction
  • Reduce overall call times and focus on providing the Optimal Call Time
  • Deliver more cross/up sell opportunities
  • Improve overall metrics:  Average Handle Time, First Call Resolution, Net Promoter, and others
  • Provide blended telephony and interaction data for reporting, dashboards, alerts, and overall operational insight
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