Cicero XM for Call Centers

Making Customer Conversations More Purposeful and Profitable

The rapid evolution of today's contact center from a back-office cost burden to a profit-generating, front-line point of contact between the company and its customers has dramatically changed the way these mission-critical organizations are measured, managed and rewarded. As a contact center manager or line-of-business executive, you know that senior management, shareholders, your demanding customers, regulatory mandates and growing business pressures require you to find better ways to:

  • Improve the customer experience
  • Reduce costs
  • Deliver the right information at the right time during each interaction
  • Automate manual processes and streamline call flow
  • Comply with new legislation and regulatory mandates
  • Automate and script complex, unfamiliar and fast-changing workflows
  • Enforce data entry rules and validate data as it is entered

Cicero addresses these challenges and increases contact center agent productivity, improves the customer experience, and reduces operational costs by delivering true Customer Interaction Management. 

Cicero Delivers a Smart Agent Desktop

  • Real time access to relevant information
  • 1-Click workflows to allow agents to focus on the customer and the conversation
  • Provide integrated decision support to provide next best offer or action guidance based on caller, call type or agent input
  • Alerts or call outs based on business rules to identify special customers and situations
  • Business configurable workspace with 1-Screen call handling with composites and toolbars based on agent skill set, caller or interaction type
  • Progress transfers – IVR to agent and agent to agent
  • Single sign-on and ‘stay signed on’ capabilities to reduce non-productive time
  • Blended telephony and interaction data for analytics; show AHT by Call Type, Call Disposition, Claim Amount Range or Billing Issue resolved
  • Business Process Analyst or IT Liaison can create, modify, and deploy composite views, dynamic scripts and workflows without risk to underlying applications
  • Immediately identify and communicate with subject matter experts using Chat, Email or Phone
  • Monitor and capture user activity (mouse clicks, keyboard entries) across applications for identifying areas for business process improvement
  • Enforce data entry, business, and compliance rules
  • And other Capabilities

Cicero XM Results

  • Create a consolidated servicing/case management environment, with 80% of required information for agents
  • 20% to 50% increase in agent productivity (average handle time)
  • 10% to 30% reduction in agent training time
  • 30% increase in agent retention
  • 20% increase in agent quality assurance scores
  • Improves alignment of contact center and enterprise goals
  • Empowers contact center with agility to respond to business needs
  • Decreases dependence on overburdened IT resources
  • Provides a single and consistent view of the customer


To arrange for a demonstration, or to learn more about how Cicero XM can make a dramatic difference in how you solve these daunting challenges in your contact center, Contact Us.

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