Customer experience is at the heart of your company’s ability to retain and grow your customer base. Each time that your customers interact with your company from sales to billing and customer service, your customers are forming an opinion about your organization. In short each customer interaction is the experience. Customers expect your representatives to know their stuff, but they also want to be handled individually and with respect.

Customer Expectations

  • Know me. Know my History.  anticipate why I might be calling. Don’t offer me something I already have or have previously declined
  • Know Your Stuff. I expect you to know more than I do on the subject and I expect you to have access to the latest information
  • Respect My Time. Handle my situation with efficiency, do what you say you’ll do and get it right, first time
  • Keep Me Informed.  Alert me to consequences or advise me of a better deal. Set and manage my expectations.

Cicero Solutions Deliver

We believe there is a better, smarter and more secure way to use technology to access and shape information in order to make interactions and processes more efficient. It all starts with the single biggest obstacle to making it happen in the back office to contact center – the employee desktop.  Cicero provides desktop activity intelligence and improvement software that enables companies to monitor people, processes, and technology, to identify areas for improvement, and to implement change using existing technologies.

Cicero Solutions are developed to improve each customer interaction – to deliver a better conversation, a better experience. Cicero does this by:

  • Capturing personal and workflow productivity data across users and computers
  • Targeting workflow and process issues that impact the customer experience
  • Identifying and reducing compliance, fraud, and company policy loopholes
  • Reducing costs through surgical wasted effort or application maintenance identification
  • Automating  process and eliminating manual tasks across existing desktop applications
  • Sharing information between applications