Cicero Automation is a simple approach to increasing performance in the back office and contact center. By automating redundant manual activities, you can harness the power of the desktop to improve productivity, quality and compliance.

Use Cases

Reduce Work After-Call





Cicero Automation allows you to:

  • Move data between applications to eliminate redundant, manual, and erroneous data entry.
  • Automate customer look ups, product searches, etc., displaying data within the context of what the employee is doing.
  • Eliminate copy and paste within and between applications.
  • Complete forms such as screen forms, PDFs, etc.
  • Reduce the amount of time employees spend logging into applications and re-log them in throughout the day.
  • Copy and paste across applications
  • Field entry (from other data sources)
  • Automate logging into apps
  • Automate logging out of apps
  • Static SSO
  • Dynamic SSO
  • Launch applications
  • CTI Automation
  • Complete calculations for forms
  • Template auto-fill (PDFs, Word, Excel, web page, etc.)
  • Auto-notes (wrap-up; collect call/transaction activities and paste into CRM or other app)
  • Performing selections (i.e., radio buttons, check boxes, combo boxes, etc.)
  • Automate across CRM, productivity, and other apps
  • Server vs. Desktop based architecture
  • Supervisor alerts
  • Centralized deployment of solution
Use Cases
  • Eliminates the need to manually copy and paste data between applications
  • Delivers the appropriate screen to the employee, based on call context (Detect situations in one application and use that to publish events that would trigger behavior in other applications.)
  • Shares after-call/post-call data with all appropriate applications
  • Passes data between mainframe 3270 screens and servicing/customer management applications, enabling the integration of information from legacy systems into the workflow of applications used by employees
  • Provides single sign-on and automated log-in capability for employees
  • Issues alerts, triggers flags or pop-ups to employees when a caller/customer requires special handling.
  • Ensure compliance with business policies and rules by issuing pop-ups with instructions
  • Ensure compliance with business policies and rules by preventing employees from entering data into inappropriate fields or entering wrong data
  • Alerts and other notifications can be easily built and maintained by business analysts without the assistance of IT or the risk of negatively impacting the underlying operating systems

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Cicero Automation Datasheet

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Cicero Automation Product Paper